Wednesday, 28 September 2005 00:00

Health Tip: Athletes Can Avoid Skin Infections

(HealthDay News) -- Because of the close body contact involved in sports like football, rugby or hockey, participants face an increased risk of skin infection, according to the Utah Department of Health.

If you play contact sports, use these skin-safety guidelines:

  • Skin lesions that are red, warm, swollen, tender or draining fluid or pus are more likely to be infectious.
  • Before playing, check areas of your body where skin lesions are more common, such as your knees and knuckles.
  • If you have a suspicious skin lesion, excuse yourself from playing until it has healed.
  • Avoid sharing equipment that touches the skin, such as helmets and pads.
  • Wash your playing clothes in hot water and dry them on the high setting.